For those who are not aware, BBC stands for British Born Chinese and not British BroadCasting !  The group is not exclusive to BBC’s, it is open to anyone who has an interest in Chinese food.

This website has been created to compliment the Facebook BBC Food Porn group, as a tool for all members to search for recipes which have been posted and some of which have been tried within the group.   I also have many friends who are not on Facebook but would like to access some of the recipes we have been trying.

I started the BBC Food Porn Group in order to bring together all the British Chinese foodies, the group quickly moved onto members showcasing their home cooked dishes, bakes, sweet treats and childhood favourites. We also share recipes and tips.  This group has been such a blessing for me as I have learnt to make so many things in the last few months, food items I would never have otherwise attempted.


My Motivation

Some of you may wonder what is motivating me to spend time on this little project.  Even though I have always had a love for food I have never contemplated trying to make my childhood favourites like mochi, egg tarts and man tao until I started the FB BBC food porn group.  This is most likely due to the fact that I cannot read Chinese, nowadays due the popularity of food blogs, more and more recipes are becoming available in English.  I simply would like to log and share the most successful recipes with other BBC’s to help preserve some of the Chinese food culture we have.

Not everyone is lucky enough to live near London or a Chinatown, so for those of us who cannot purchase Chinese food items readily it is nice to be able to cook them.  My boys are mixed Chinese/British and it is also my desire that they learn how to cook some of our household favourites.

This journey so far has enabled me and others to form new friendships with other BBC’s, this again is a first for me as I was bought up along the south coast where there were very few oriental people and the only Chinese I socialised with was family.  There are meets happening all over the UK and I will working on developing some tools to help more people meet up for Dim sum’s and other social gatherings.  In the meantime you can join the Facebook group “BBC UK Chinese” which is a generic group where there is information about local meets.

What you can do to help ?

This site is a community site and will only work if you all contribute by submitting the recipes you use and reviewing them or providing additional tips to other members to help them cook a successful dish.

Please submit your recipes…………..

All members need to register and log in before they can leave comments and review the recipes.

If you are interested in helping with the website by gathering and uploading recipes from the FB group to put on this website please let me know.

Thanks all for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site

Happy cooking and eating all !

Wai Han


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