Beef or Pork Jerky – Vanessa Wong

Ingredients:Minced Pork or Beef

3 tbsp Sugar

3 tbsp Clear Honey

2 tbsp Fish Sauce

2 tbsp Sweet rice wine or sherry.

1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce

1 tbsp Oyster sauce

½ tbsp Chinese Five Spice

½ tbsp White or Black Pepper

½ tbsp Sesame oil

A pinch of Salt to taste




1. Combine all ingredients in a big bowl and start mixing them with a woodspoon and mix marinade into mince.


2. Set aside, cover and put in the fridge for at least an hour or overnight.


3. Use Non Stick Cooking Liner or parchment paper, put the minced meat on it then place a sheet of cling film over the meat and use a rolling pin to roll out into desired thinness and then remove cling film


4. Place the rolled out meat with the parchment paper/liner onto an oven tray. Set oven at 200°C (fan oven), bake one side until there is liquid, drain the liquid and turn the meat over and bake again until the edges turn golden.


5. Remove the meat and cut into shape, brush each piece with honey and grill each side until golden and slightly burnt at the edges.


Keep watch on them as all ovens and grills are different, you know how your oven works.


Beef or Pork Jerky - Vanessa Wong


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