Char Siu

Char Siu (BBQ Pork) By Julie Ng


  • Pork Shoulder in strips (I usually buy a big piece and cut into strips, enough for to cover 1 or 2 baking pan to be energy efficient)
  • Hoi Sin Sauce (I use the whole large bottle of 368ml for 2 pans of meat)
  • Char Siu Sauce (I use the whole large bottle for 2 pans of meat)
  • a little Sugar (approx. 1 table spoon)
  • 1 egg (for 1 or 2 pans)
  • Honey (lots)


Place pork strips into a large bowl or baking pan, add the same amount of Hoi Sin Sauce and Char Siu Sauce into the bowl, sugar, and 1 egg, mix and massage into the meat. Then, cover well and put into fridge for at least 24 hours, turn at least once or twice for better result. If the sauce doesn’t soak the meat, let it marinate for longer time, maybe 2 days or 3 days.


Preheat oven at 375F, place pork strips into baking pan. Roast for at least 45 mins or when you see a little dark on the edge, take out and brush on lots of honey, and turn to the other side and brush on honey and roast for another 5 to 10 mins, the edges should be a little burnt, then it’s ready. Brush on a little more honey before serving, it will look fantastic and taste more delicious.


  1. For some big piece of pork, or slow oven, it might require 90 mins. Best judgment is to pay attention to the edge of the meat, when the edge turns black or a little burnt, the meat should be ready.
  2. Boil the leftover marinated sauce, if it’s thick, add water to make thinner. Brush on to the Char Siu or use it on rice, it makes everyone eats 3 times more than usual J

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