Cheung Fun

Simon Lam’s Cheung Fun

Rosa recommends steaming in a foil tray (this is a ready meal tray she used).

Cheung Fun 2

Tested by Rosa Tang And May Mie Mie Wong

Rosa’s Cheung Fun

Cheung Fun 3

Cheung Fun 4

WaiHan’s review

I found this easy to make after I bought the right flour and added the oil as per the recipe !  The secret to success, use the right sort of tray if it is too thick it will take too log to steam, also a rectangular one makes it easier to roll.  The foil type that Rosa used is probably the best.  I have a chinese steamer and mum advised me to just put a baking sheet over the steaming tray.  I will try this next time.  It will also take a few attempts to achieve the right thickness but once you have figured out the quantity it will be easier.  Using a round flan tray and chinese steamer, it took me 2mins to steam one cheung fun.  Well worth a go.

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