Chinese egg tarts – Susan Chanmeister

This is a recipe Susan Chanmeister shared and uses regularly

140g butter
1/2 egg
70g icing sugar
200g plain flour but use Grade 00 for better results

Mix all ingredients together, knead and then wrap in cling form and chill for 30 mins.

For the filling 140g sugar
300ml water
4 eggs
80ml evaporated milk
pour water and sugar in pan and place on med heat dont mix let the sugar and water dissolve, then cool down

start on pastry I use a cup to cut out and then mould into my tart cases, make sure you grease your cake cases well, after all done place back into fridge and chill

Now start on the filling whisk the eggs and milk and i just add some vanilla essence, pour the egg mixture with the sugar water and mix, then, sieve mixture 4 to 5 times .

Take cases out and prick each one with a fork a few times, then add filling 80% full

Bake for 15/20 mins on 190 degrees, but I check them after 10 mins depending how your oven is.

take out after cooked let me cool down before you place them in the cup cases

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