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Tested by Susan Chanmeister

Susan made this and looked delicious.  I finally got round to trying this recipe and it is lovely.  My tips use a scraper like the lady in the video to level the mixture before cooking and let it cool in the fridge, it really does taste better when it has been cooled.  I am going to try adapting this recipe to make a coffee roll and chocolate roll.  27th Nov 2014 Wai Han Smith


White Mix

4 egg white

30g icing sugar (I used caster sugar)

Yolk mix

3 egg yolks

20g icing sugar (I used caster sugar)

70g flour (I used self raising)

35g milk

25g oil

Fresh cream filling

Fresh cream (i used Elmea)

icing sugar (add sugar to taste)



2 Dec 2014 – Wai Han Smith

I have gone Swiss Roll mad since making the first one.  So my second attempt I adapted the recipe and made a chocolate swiss roll.  I used 10g of cocoa powder and reduced the self raising flour by 10g.  I am very pleased with the outcome but would like it be more chocolatey, Jenny Cooc Cheung suggested spreading some chocolate spread before rolling.  I also think a chocolate mousse would work well.  It was also suggested that some canned black cherries in the filling would be nice.  I think that this would work very well.



My second attempt I adapted the recipe and made a coffee swiss roll.  I warmed the milk and mixed in 2 tsp of coffee instant coffee granules as I like it pretty strong.  I also made the cream filling a bit sweeter this time to compliment the bitterness in the coffee.  This is my favourite flavour so far.



Other suggestions from group members are; spreading puréed sweet chestnut, nutella, chocolate and raspberries, strawberry jam with fresh cream and fresh strawberries, apricot jam with fresh cream and tinned peaches.  The options are endless !

I am pretty sure that we could use the genoise cake method to make this cake without compromising the end result, I will try this soon but if you do it before me please let me know the results.









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