Dim Sum blackbean ribs

Dim Sum blackbean ribs

  • By Hing Lau
  • Dim sum ribs you need to soak the chopped ribs for 2-3 hrs or over night in water to get rid of all the blood (this will make your ribs look whiter) When ribs are soaking in water and the water should be clear then next day is what you are looking for. Change water every 1hr 2-3 times. Or some leave it running under a tap for half hr but it will cost more in water.

    Then add bi carbonate of soda to the ribs to tenderise it with a little water then leave for an hour. After 1hr rinse well to get rid of any bi carb.

  •   Boil black beans stir fry with garlic and ginger 1st then add to ribs then season with chilli, light soy, sugar, msg (optional) rice wine and seasame oil. Add a little starch to the ribs to bind it altogether

If you add bicarb you only have to steam it for 15-20mins thats what they do in restaurants to speed the process. Steam ribs for 45mins to 1hr if  no bi carb.

Garnish with spring onions.

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