Japanese Castella Cake

Japanese Castella Cake

Not fat! Just four ingredients, Flour, Egg, Sugar and Honey


Well it sounds too good to be true a no fat cake, but i am pleased to say it really delivers, the cake is soft and moist.


I beat the sugar and egg for 10mins until, the end result was similar to a meringue mixture. It is very important that you beat it enough until it is nice and thick.  I sieved the flour 4 timesDo not over mix once flour and honey is.I used loaf tin a liner instead as time is of the essence when you have 2 toddlers.Ensure you oven is preheated at 160 (fan). Every oven is different so it helps to know yours.

I did find the cake a little sweet and will omit the brushing of the honey next time I make this.

A lovely cake, thanks to Jenny Cooc Cheung for suggesting it.


Jenny’s photo

Japanese Castella Cake 2

Wai Han’s

Japanese Castella Cake 3

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