Korean Bread Rolls



This recipe is really simple and and very yummy.  I hope you try it.

Lot’s of members have tried this and used this bread roll to make:

Chinese sausage rolls

cocktail buns

pineapple buns

Some variation to the recipes which members have tried are:

Lynne – used half strong bread flour and half plain flour

May – used coconut milk instead of milk

This recipe has been such a big hit within our group, even non bread makers have tried it and love it.  I hope you try it and let us know what you think.

 Jan 2015

The group is still having fun with this recipe and below are Winnie Ling Long’s creations, she made the chinese gai mai bao and cream bun with it.

winne1winne4 winnie2 winnie3

Anita Lam’s spam and frankfruter bao 13th Jan 2015


3 thoughts on “Korean Bread Rolls”

  1. I love this Korean bread roll recipe!
    The bread is so soft and tastes like the ones you can buy from the Chinese bakery!
    I have experimented a little and also tried half strong white flour, half plain flour and I find the bread is softer to keep for a few days (2 max).
    I have used this bread recipe to make Char Siu Buns, Pineapple Buns, Sausage Rolls, Cocktail Buns and Coconut Cream Buns!
    There’s so much fillings to play around with and I’m so in love with this recipe that I don’t want to try any other bun methods!
    Definitely recommend every one else to try this! You won’t stop! Hehe

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