Mango Mochi

Mango Mochi

300g Glutinous Rice Flour

60g Rice flour

1 1/2 tablesp Oil

200ml Hot water

45g Sugar

160ml Evaporated milk

240ml mango juice

Ripe mango

Desicatted Coconut


1 Mix both flours together and mix in oil

2 Dissolve sugar in the hot water add in the Evaporated milk

3 Then add milk mix to the flour mix, mix until smooth. Then add mango juice

4 Pour mixture into a greased plate and steam high for 30mins or microwave in short bursts.

5 Once ready stir the dough until smooth, leave to cool.

6 Use plastic food gloves and grease well. Take 30g of the dough and flatten into a round disc. Place mango in the centre. Seal edges and round in ball shape and toss in coconut and serve.


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