Milk and Egg White Pudding – Cousin Faye

Milk & Egg White Pudding 鮮奶燉蛋白

Milk & Egg White Pudding 鮮奶燉蛋白

Recipe courtesy of Chan Sum Sum’s cousin Faye

2 1/2 Cups of Milk,

6 Tablespoon of Sugar

4 egg whites

5 teaspoons of Ginger Juice (optional)

Coconut Milk for serving (optional)


Boil milk with sugar, whip egg whites until frothy.


Put 1/4 of milk into egg whites, then add the rest of the egg whites slowly.


Sieve it so that it has no bubbles. Then cover with cling film or foil and steam for 6-7 minutes.


You can open the foil/ cling film after a couple of minutes to let out steam.


You can add ginger juice and coconut milk when you eat it if you want to.

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