Waimui’s traditional Mochi


Waimui Bull’s mum’s Mochi traditional method

My mums technique making mochi …. Completely different to all recipes online ….. Apart from the coconut , peanut & sugar mix dry filling …. I would say it’s healthier plus u get to make a ginger drink out of the water

1 bag of Glutinous flour plus water ….. Mix&knead till like this



Put in a pan of hot water … Check … Make sure doesn’t stick turning it


When it’s ready it will float (or poke with wooden chopstick – no dough will stick to it )


Put in pan and … Lol stab and mix it


Drizzle tablespoon of oil over dough … This stops it going crusty / hard

pic5 pic6 pic7 pic8 pic9 pic10 pic11 pic12 pic13




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