Yau Cha Goi – Recipe 2

Recipe2 – Helen’s


This dough needs to be kneaded 3 times in one hour and rest in between, after that you just rest it for 4hours.  The dough becomes very soft and pulls apart very easily.  I found the dough quite sticky the first time i made it, so the second time I added a bit more flour during the initial knead, this made alot of difference.  Once the hour of resting and kneading is up, i split the dough into two and pressed into a long shape with my hand just like recipe 1. After 4 hours the dough is incredibly soft and stretches apart very easily.  I floured a surface and just pulled it gently, do not pull too much as you don’t want it too thin.  The dough itself i think is fairly easy to make, the trick seems to be in cutting it the right thickness and frying it in the right temperature.  The next time I try i will press the bamboo skewer harder in the middle.  If you like these it is well worth trying and i am told they freeze and reheat in the oven very well.


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Yau Cha Goi - Recipe 2

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  1. Very easy, very versatile. The only thing I would change is to add a little more salt… But I do like my breadsticks slightly salty.
    If you don’t eat it straight away, then you can make them in advance and then re-heat them in the oven on low to crisp them up again.

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