Faster No knead bread – Jenny Jones

27th Nov 2014 –  Tested by Wai Han Smith

So recently I tried the no knead bread and it was a success but the previous recipe (Artisan Bread with Steve) took between 8 and 24hours to proof.  This recipe is very similar but the difference is, it uses hot water and not cold which means the bread will proof in 3hours, ideal if you want bread on the day with a hot bowl of soup.


3 cups flour (I used bread flour)

1/4 tsp instant yeast

1tsp salt

1 1/2 cup of hot water (I used one cup of boiling hot from a kettle and 1/2 cup of cold tap water)

I also used a ceramic tin with a lid this time.  I did not use any oil or baking paper, the bread came out very crispy and soft inside, I don’t believe there was much different between the final product of this faster bread and the previous slower one.  I will be trying a wholemeal loaf soon.


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