No knead Bread – Artisan Bread with Steve

Tested by Wai Han Smith – Nov 2014


3 cups of strong bread flour

1 1/2 tsp salt

1/4 instant yeast

12 Oz cold tap water

I found this very easy and so flexible that it fits around my daily schedule.  A nice bread to have with soups but I think it is best eaten fresh.  I understand that because the bread has a high water content the bread does not stay crispy for long but it will crisp up under a grill or oven.

My first attempt I used some olive oil and this was a bit of a mistake and the olive oil burnt in the high temperature oven.  The second time I did not use oil and just baked in a pyrex dish lined with greaseproof, I also set the oven on heat from the bottom and placed the bread on the bottom shelf to cook.

Attempt 1 with oil

bread bread2bread4


Attempt 2

breadbbreadb2 breadb3


My mum gave me a heavy dish with a lid recently so will try this recipe again with this pan.


Steve has more no knead recipes which I would like to try including the no knead cinnamon buns.  There is also a quicker no knead bread recipe which has a 3hour first proof which I intend to try soon.

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