Pizza dough

Pizza dough

Winnie Ling Long It’s very simple to make! 225g strong white flour and extra for work surface7g yeast 150ml warm water1 tablespoon olive oil2 teaspoon basil (optional)


Mix the flour & yeast together in a bowl.Form a well in the middle and add warm water and oil.Mix well to form a dough.Sprinkle some flour on a work top and knead the dough well.Leave it to rise in a mixing bowl for 30mins.Pre-heat oven to 200c.


After 30mins, bring the dough to a floured work top to knead again.It will become smoother and more elasticky.You can divide it into how many you like, 6 rolls,2 pizza base etc.Sprinkle some flour onto a non stick tray then add your rolls/base.Bake for 15-20mins.


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