Freezer food – Ginger and spring onion oil

Freezer food - Ginger and spring onion oil 1

This Chinese pesto is traditionally eaten with boiled chicken.  It is so yummy that you have to eat several bowls of rice! I find it so useful to have some in the freezer, I liked it smothered all over my noodles too.


Ginger – grated and or blitz in a food processor

Spring onion – cut

Olive oil


Heat up the oil and pour over the raw ginger and spring onion.  I like to place it back in the pan and simmer for a while so all the water evaporates.  I portion and freeze.  You can defrost and heat for a few seconds in the microwave or place in the microwave from frozen.  Do not over heat or it will splatter all over the microwave.



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